Angelika Roeder-Kraus was born in Germany in the city of Bamberg and lived in Munich for many years. She is a freelance artist since 1962.


Her mother was a well-known artist in Bamberg. She taught her daughter how to paint and gave her many ideas which showed up in her first paintings. Soon after Angelika Roeder-Kraus found her own way to success. She attended the Blocherer-School for Painting Graphic and Desing in Munich and joined various groups of artists in order to learn more about nude and portrait painting.


Angelika Roeder-Kraus is exhibiting her works since 1982 at private and public galleries.


In 1995 she won the art prize "Art 95 Competition" in New York.


Today Angelika Roeder-Kraus lives and works in Diessen /Ammersee (Germany) where she also gives painting courses for children and adults.


Angelika Roeder-Kraus is a member of the well-known artist association "Die Roseninsel" at Lake Starnberg (Germany).

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